Responsibility towards the local communities where we operate

GRI report

Responsibility towards the local communities where we operate

Local communities

G4-SO1: Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

48% of Kemira's sites have participated in local community activities during 2013.

G4-SO2: Operations with significant actual and potential negative impacts on local communities

Some of Kemira’s sites are located in the vicinity of residential areas. Thus, incidents involving leakage of chemicals could have a negative impact on both the safety and environment of local communities. Kemira conducts environmental impact assessments and emission monitoring in every manufacturing site as defined by the regulatory requirements, ISO 14001 management system and Kemira internal standards. The assessments monitor environmental performance of the site and its impact on the surrounding communities. Additionally, each Kemira site has appropriate contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of surrounding communities. This is done in close cooperation with local environmental authorities. To enhance safe use of chemicals, Kemira works in close cooperation with many local chemical agencies.

Each Kemira site is classified for actual and potential negative impacts of operations (end of 2013: 59 sites). A new three-level ranking system determines the internal Kemira requirements and frequency of audits for each site: higher ranking meaning higher requirements.

Environmental classification results 2013:

We take preventive actions and mitigation measures proactively for the operations that involve potential negative impacts on the local communities.

To further enhance environmental and process safety management, a new Process Safety Management Standard is currently being finalized and will be implemented starting Q2 2014.

In addition to continuous safety and risk management work, Kemira focuses on a continuous dialogue with local communities to understand and implement activities to respond to their needs, concerns and expectations, and providing opportunities for our own employees to participate in local community initiatives.