Material topics for Kemira's corporate responsibility

Material topics for Kemira’s corporate responsibility

Defining corporate responsibility topics material for Kemira is based on our stakeholder concerns and expectations and on assessing the impacts of our operations on the environment and society. The material topics are either a source of value creation or a business risk for Kemira. The topics and concerns most critical to our stakeholders are identified through various stakeholder engagement activities, including stakeholder surveys.

Stakeholder survey 2013 results

In September 2013, Kemira conducted a stakeholder survey to find out if the expectations towards our corporate responsibility had changed since the first survey in 2011. As a new method, the survey was carried out as virtual brainstorming, where the respondents were able to see what other participants consider important and develop the ideas further.

The survey results 2013 were mostly in line with the earlier survey results, emphasizing the importance of innovation, sustainable products and solutions, responsible business practices and responsibility in the supply chain.

Top 10 sustainability issues based on stakeholder survey in 2013 Sustainability focus areas from 2012
  Suppliers Employees Own operations Customers Local communities
1.      Product stewardship
         and safe use of
2.      Applying employee
          skills and know-how
          in the best possible
3.      Sustainability in the
          whole supply chain
4.      Transparency in all
 x  x  x x x
5.      Business ethics and
 x x   x  x x
6.      Sustainability in
          Kemira's own
7.      Employee health and
8.      Innovating
         sustainable products
         and solutions
9.      Employee well-being
          enhances safety
10.    Open on-going
          dialogue needed
          with stakeholders
 x x

Materiality analysis

In accordance with the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Kemira has based its corporate responsibility reporting on material aspects, that reflect the organization’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts, or substantively influence the assessments and decisions of our stakeholders. The chart presents aspects material for Kemira, the criteria of which can be found in the GRI section Identified material aspects.

Based on the results we fine-tuned our corporate responsibility focus areas, targets and KPI’s for 2014; The key focus areas remain the same, but we specified Responsible Business Practices as an independent focus area to emphasize its importance to our stakeholders. Each focus area covers a wider range of topics and updated targets.

Prioritization of material aspects

In the online version you can observe Kemira's corporate responsibility focus areas and the respective targets by activating the symbols inside the circles.


In the matrix, individual aspects related to supplier assessment are combined into one, and the same has been done with the individual aspects related to grievance mechanisms as well as compliance.