Responsibility towards the local communities where we operate

Responsibility towards the local communities where we operate

Kemira interacts and actively strives to build good relationships with the communities where we operate by engaging with local stakeholders on topics of mutual interest.

Kemira considers active engagement with local stakeholders is important in order to maintain an acceptable environmental and social footprint. Different sorts of interaction activities are needed globally, depending on the specific local requirements and concerns.

Through community involvement, Kemira can develop a reputation as a responsible neighbor. The engagement themes mostly revolve around solving water-related challenges, and topics such as safe neighborhoods, safety and wellbeing. Open communication and dialogue are important elements of community engagement.

Kemira’s corporate responsibility target is that by 2015, each Kemira site employing over 50 people will have participated in a local community initiative at least once. Examples of possible actions include open house days, cooperation with schools and participating in non-profit organizations’ charity work. By 2013, 48% of Kemira’s sites have participated in local community initiatives, with some sites conducting multiple activities over the year.


Please see complementary specific standard disclosures material for the focus area in the GRI report section Responsibility towards the communities where we operate.


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