Responsibility for employees

Responsibility for employees

Employees are Kemira’s key asset. Our Human Resources work is guided by the Kemira Code of Conduct and our company values:

Our Human Resources function ensures having the necessary know-how, strong leaders and engaged people to successfully execute our company strategy. To implement the sharpened strategy launched in April 2013, we initiated an active dialogue across all our segments and regions, top-down and bottom-up, which was accomplished through various local and virtual workshops. At individual level, the strategy roll-out was done via personal development discussions.

The organizational restructuring initiated in 2012, as well as the sharpened strategy, have influenced the focus of our Human Resources activities during 2013. The sharpening of the strategy has led to changes in the organization and, unfortunately, resulted in job reductions.

In 2013 we continued to focus on developing our global Performance Management process and Leadership Development programs further, for which we have also set corporate responsibility targets.

Voices@Kemira survey measures employee engagement

The biannual Voices@Kemira employee engagement survey was conducted in the fall of 2013. The survey results are a valuable source for gathering employee feedback and further develop our ways of working accordingly. The survey focuses on employee engagement; which factors motivate Kemira employees to succeed. Other important themes include growth and development, performance management, leadership and strategy, corporate responsibility, collaboration and communication, as well as values based culture.

Employee engagement 2013 2011 2009
Employee engagement index, % 58 70 69
Data coverage, % of total employees 75 84 87

In 2013, the survey response rate (75%) and the engagement index (58%) were weaker than  in the previous survey in 2011. During 2013, including the time when the survey was conducted, Kemira was implementing organizational restructuring measures and was in the middle of related negotiations, which is presumably one of the reasons for a lower response rate and engagement index.

According to the results, Kemira’s strengths lie especially on managerial work, and employees find their jobs challenging and interesting with the possibility for career development. We will continue to focus on developing learning and career opportunities for our employees. On the other hand, accountability for low performance was recognized as a development area. This will be addressed through a global performance management process during 2014. Other key focus areas include further communicating Kemira's strategy and its significance to teams and individuals, engaging our employees in the future of the company, as well as enhancing our leadership development portfolio.


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