Performance management and leadership development

Performance management and leadership development

One of Kemira’s corporate responsibility targets is to have all employees covered by the global Performance Management process by the end of 2014.

Performance and development discussions (PDD) are an important element of Performance Management process, and according to Voices@Kemira employee survey results, the engagement rate is higher among employees that have had their PDDs with their managers. During 2013 we started extending the amount of employees covered by PDDs, and focused on defining and preparing the PDD process and compiling a model for data collection and consistent reporting. In 2013, the global performance and development discussions covered all white collar employees (56% of all our employees). We aim at achieving the target to cover all employees in 2014, when the PDD process will be introduced for all blue-collar employees on our manufacturing sites.

Leadership development through training programs

Good managers lead through their own strengths. In 2013, we focused on managers’ personal development and leadership skills. As a new element to our leadership development portfolio we have included improving managers' self-awareness and self-leadership, which helps in recognizing your own strengths and how to lead through your persona. During 2013 we conducted a leadership assessment to ca. 200 of our leaders, on which we will base individual leadership related development plans.

On-the-job-learning is one of the most effective methods for developing leadership skills. Other tools include Kemira's leadership development programs, such as the BRIDGE and Catalyst leadership programs, which continued in 2013. Catalyst is meant for leaders who want to build up skills for strategy execution, and BRIDGE focuses on foundational leadership skills for first level leaders, such as supervisors and team leaders. We also offer coaching and mentoring, as well as 360 feedback on leadership skills. By the end of the year, 39% of our leaders had participated in one of our globally offered development programs. By end of 2015 we aim to have covered 95 % of leaders respectively.


Please see complementary specific standard disclosures material for the focus area in the GRI report section Responsibility for employees.