Safety at workplace

Safety at workplace

Kemira’s new EHSQ vision states: Zero harm to people. Decreased injury rate and proactive reporting observations on potential safety issues are signs of continuous improvement in our safety culture.

By deciding to report TRI (Total Recordable Injuries per million work hours) in 2012 instead of the formerly reported LTA (Lost Time Accident), we set ourselves stricter demands concerning workplace safety both for own employees and contractors working at Kemira sites. The currently reported TRI frequency includes fatalities, lost time injuries, restricted work cases and medical treatment cases of both Kemira employees and contractors working for Kemira.

Our long-term target is to achieve zero injuries, and we are making good progress. Since 2012, the TRI is reduced from 8.5 injuries per million working hours to 7.1 in 2013.

Raised awareness and regular training produces results

The improved TRI frequency is mostly due to increased safety observation reporting and increased awareness – people think and talk about health and safety more frequently.

As part of our EHSQ improvement strategy initiated in April 2013, we have created a new EHSQ vision, a new EHSQ policy and are now introducing new EHS standards that increase both safety culture and performance at our sites, offices and functions. 

Total recordable injuries (per million working hours, 1 year rolling average)