Responsible business practices

Responsible business practices

The Kemira Code of Conduct defines our way of working and affects all employees regardless of status or geographical location.

In a global company a common set of practices is a valuable tool in ensuring responsible business behavior, as working cultures and even local legislation may differ greatly from country to country. The Kemira Code of Conduct (.pdf) sets guidelines for all aspects of business conduct, and acts as a framework for ensuring that our employees comply with Kemira’s values and the principles set out in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Strong commitment to responsible business behavior

The revised Code of Conduct was approved by the Board of Directors in December 2012, and its implementation began in the beginning of 2013. The revised Code is a signal of stronger requirement for compliance and ethics. Based on the internal control survey participated by representatives of the audit committee, senior and line management during 2013, the management has shown diligent compliance to Kemira Code of Conduct . 

Code of Conduct training

All Kemira employees are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct principles in their daily work. Kemira set a responsibility target in 2012 that all employees are trained for the Code of Conduct during 2013. The objective of the training is to raise awareness of the Code’s requirements and the means of reporting about non-conformities.

During 2013, 90% of our active personnel (excluding employees who are in the scope of divested businesses) received training either via interactive e-learning tool or on-site classroom training organized in collaboration with site management and local HR and legal functions. The remaining personnel will receive training in 2014. Additionally, all new employees will receive training as part of the induction process, and all personnel will be invited to repeat training on the Code on a regular basis.

We also published a Code of Conduct booklet, which has been printed in 17 languages and distributed to all our employees. The booklet is also available for our stakeholders. 

Kemira policies complement the Code of Conduct

Kemira’s internal policies guide our employees regarding the commitments and expectations we have as a company. Our work in 2013 has concentrated on revising existing policies as well as creating new ones.

Anti-bribery rules have been made more explicit through Kemira Group Gifts, Entertainment and Anti-bribery Policy effective since January 2013, which has resulted in increased awareness towards such things as acceptable business gifts.

Competition Law Compliance Policy training was completed by 730 people in 2013 (2012: 751). This policy is communicated to the senior management and key persons working in sales, marketing, sourcing, procurement and other similar functions through a comprehensive, ongoing, and regularly repeated training process. Please see a list of relevant Kemira Policies in the Disclosures on Management Approach section of the GRI report.

Kemira Ethics and Compliance hotline

The Ethics and Compliance's role within the Legal function became operational in 2013, focusing on coordinating and developing the company’s compliance activities and promoting the principles of ethical business behavior. In addition to the Code of Conduct training program, we also launched the Kemira Ethics & Compliance Hotline.

The hotline is a 24/7 service for employees to report anonymously any non-conformities of law or the Code either by calling the hotline or filling out a web form. In addition to the Hotline, employees can report suspected non-conformities to their own line management, Kemira's Ethics and Compliance or Internal Audit functions.

For external enquiries and reporting on potential misconducts with respect to Kemira or its business partners, can be contacted. This information is available in the Kemira Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Agents and Distributors in addition to Kemira’s website.


Please see complementary specific standard disclosures material for the focus area in the GRI report sections Ethics and integrity and Responsible business practices.