Responsible manufacturing

Responsible manufacturing

Ensuring the safety of our operations, improving energy and water efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are the most important responsibility topics in our manufacturing.

Commitment towards continuous improvement in our own production is seen in the corporate responsibility targets set for manufacturing, our management system certification to ISO standards and in the Lean initiative. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes on continuously increasing it. The goal is to provide value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that contains zero waste. Waste in this case means unnecessary extra resources, bureaucracy and time. The Lean manufacturing model is based on the creation of value for customers, which entails optimizing value chains and flow of information, improving production efficiency and increasing production responsibility.

Certified sites (%)

Safety at manufacturing sites

In 2013, we introduced a new EHSQ strategy for Kemira, which includes a new vision, policy, internal targets and a strategic roadmap to becoming world-class in EHSQ. The focus during the year was on introducing and renewing our internal EHS standards and this work will continue in year 2014. The new standards to improve workplace safety include Incident reporting, Incident investigation and Personal protective equipment standards.

During the past year we have also worked on building a new process safety standard and ten other EHS related standards as part of the EHSQ improvement program. Implementation of these new standard will continue in 2014, along with leadership development.


Through environmental excellence

Through health & safety excellence

Through operational excellence

Managing the environmental impacts of the manufacturing operations

Kemira conducts environmental impact assessments and emission monitoring in every manufacturing site as defined by the regulatory requirements, ISO 14001 management system and Kemira internal standards. The assessments monitor environmental performance of the site and its impact on the surrounding communities.

Each Kemira site is classified for actual and potential negative impacts of operations. A new three-level ranking system determines the internal Kemira requirements and frequency of audits for each site; higher ranking meaning higher requirements.

Environmental classification results 2013:

We take preventive actions and mitigation measures proactively for the operations that involve potential negative impacts on the local communities.


Please see complementary specific standard disclosures material for the focus area in the GRI report sections Responsible manufacturing.


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