In 2013, Kemira will publish its third annual corporate responsibility report in connection with its Annual Report. The corporate responsibility report 2013 is verified by a third party and prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework. It deals with economic, environmental and social aspects defined material for Kemira, as well as reflects on Kemira’s performance in relation to the sustainability targets published in Kemira’s Annual & Sustainability Report 2012. Kemira’s sustainability targets are presented in the following tables.

Sustainability commitment Sustainability target KPI for performance measurement
We work together with responsible suppliers, distributors and agents   Effective use of Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Distributors and Agents (CoC-SDA) in all relevant supplier relationships by the end of 2013 Supplier contracts with signed CoC-SDA as attachement, %
Active Supplier Performance management program in place by the end of 2013  Average performance of core suppliers (75% of spend), performance rate, %
Share of reviewed suppliers under certain performance level (corrective actions agreed), %
Number of supplier audits per year
We require ethical behaviour from our employees All Kemira employees covered by Kemira Code of Conduct (CoC) training by the end of 2013* Kemira employees completed Kemira CoC training, %
We enhance performance management All Kemira employees covered by the global Performance Management process by the end of 2014* Kemira employees covered by the global Performance Management process, %
We promote leadership development Every people manager participates in leadership development programs at least once every 3 years, first target period 2013–2015 People managers covered by global leadership programs, cumulative, %
We improve occupational health & safety Achieve zero accidents Total Recordable Injuries (TRI) employees and contractors
We improve water efficiency in manufacturing Baseline analyzed and water efficiency program defined by the end of 2014 To be defined by the end of 2014
We improve energy efficiency in manufacturing Baseline set and the energy efficiency index defined by the end of 2013 To be defined by the end of 2013
We develop and propose sustainable solutions for our customers Sustainability and safety aspects considered in all New Product Development (NPD) projects by the end of 2014 All new projects apply the sustainability check in Gate 1, %
Existing projects apply the sustainability check in Gates 2–4, %
Local communities
We are involved in communities where we operate Each Kemira site with over 50 employees has participated in local community involvment initiatives at least once by the end of 2015 Kemira sites (over 50 employees) with local community initiatives, cumulative %

Kemira updated the corporate responsibility focus areas and targets in 2013 based on Kemira’s sharpened strategy and stakeholder feedback. The updated corporate responsibility focus areas and targets were approved by the Kemira Management Board in January 2014. The focus areas, targets, performance against the targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be discussed in more detail in Kemira’s Corporate Responsibility Report that will be published as part of the Kemira Annual Report 2013.

Kemira was recognized for the first time in the CDP Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index in 2013. Kemira achieved a score of 96 out of 100 in the index that measures the disclosure of information regarding climate change.

In 2013, provisions for environmental remediation totaled EUR 22.2 million (19.7). The biggest provisions relate to the waste piling area in Pori, sites closures and to the limited reconditioning of the sediment of a lake adjacent to the Vaasa plant.

Kemira registered 29 substances under EU Chemical regulation (REACH) in 2013. Preparations for the third deadline of REACH of 2018 have started. The preparation for Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) proceeded according to plans. New requirements of supply chain product safety communication have significantly intensified the information exchange with the customers and suppliers. The implementation of REACH or ensuring other product compliance is not expected to have a major impact on Kemira’s financial results, and the registration costs are expected to stay on the level of 2013 over the next few years. In 2013, the costs of product compliance were related mostly to the REACH registrations.