As provided by the Finnish Securities Markets Act, Kemira Oyj’s insiders consist of insiders subject to disclosure requirements, permanent company-specific insiders and project specific insiders. On the basis of their position, Kemira’s insiders subject to disclosure requirements comprise Board members, the Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director, members of Kemira Oyj’s Management Board and the auditor or the chief auditor representing the independent firm of public accountants. Kemira Oyj’s permanent company-specific insiders comprise certain other position holders separately specified by the Group General Counsel.

Kemira Oyj complies with the Insider Guidelines issued by the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd, according to which insiders should trade in Company shares at a time when the marketplace has the fullest possible information on circumstances influencing the value of the Company’s share. Accordingly, Kemira Oyj’s insiders may not trade in Company shares for 30 days prior to the disclosure of the Company’s interim accounts or the release of the financial statements bulletin.

Kemira’s Legal function maintains Kemira Oyj’s insider register and updates information on the Company’s insiders subject to statutory disclosure requirements to be entered in the public insider register of Euroclear Finland Oy. Kemira’s insider information is available in the web-based service maintained by Euroland Investors.

The table below shows insider shareholdings of all insiders subject to disclosure requirements as of December 31, 2013 and December 31, 2012. Shareholdings include personal shareholdings and the related-party holdings as well as holdings in companies over which the shareholder exercises control. Up-to-date insider information as well as updated shareholding information can be found on the Company’s website.

31.12.2013 31.12.2012
Board of Directors
Fok Winnie 3,900 2,656
Laaksonen Juha 5,702 4,148
Paasikivi Jari 130,655 129,101
Tuomas Kerttu 5,392 4,148
Viinanen Jukka 10,191 7,635
Members of the Management Board
Büchele Wolfgang 99,657 76,657
Casas de Almeida Hilton 70,719 70,719
Castrén Petri 500 not an insider
Chan Joe 0 0
Fagerholm Heidi 0 0
Helsky Petri 71,501 71,501
Owens Randy 72,570 72,570
Salminen Antti 0 0
Salonen Eeva 26,589 26,589
Virolainen Hannu 20,166 20,166
Wegener Frank 13,366 13,366
Deputy CEO
Hakkila Jukka 57,856 not an insider
Vattulainen Jukka 0 0