Our business

Our business

Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries. We provide expertise and chemicals that improve our customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency.

Kemira is a global company focusing on pulp & paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment. Our objective is to achieve above-the-market growth through our competent employees, high-performing organization, product and service innovations and further strengthened presence in mature and selected emerging markets.

In 2013, Kemira had annual revenue of EUR 2,229 million and 4,453 employees. Headquartered in Helsinki, we have operations in approximately 40 countries and sales to more than 120 countries. Kemira shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Kemira’s segments

Kemira’s business is organized into three customer based segments operating in the Water Quality and Quantity Management (WQQM) market: Paper, Oil & Mining and Municipal & Industrial. In 2013, Kemira divested the core assets of its fourth segment ChemSolutions, and the closing is expected in the first quarter of 2014. After closing the transaction, the ChemSolutions segment will be discontinued.


Kemira’s Paper segment has unique expertise in applying chemicals and supporting pulp & paper producers to innovate and constantly improve their operational efficiency. We develop and commercialize new products to fulfil customer needs and to ensure the leading portfolio of products and services for paper wet-end, focusing on growth especially in packaging and board as well as tissue. We leverage our strong pulp & paper application portfolio in North America and EMEA and increase focus on China, Indonesia and Brazil.

Kemira is a technology and market leader in paper wet-end chemistry. The demand for chemicals, especially sizing and strength chemicals, is growing, which is partly due to pulp and paper industry trends: increased use of recycled fibers, lightweighting of packaging and board and using hardwood instead of softwood in virgin pulp. Reducing water and energy consumption in production continues to be an industry trend, for which we can provide expertise and chemistry that improves the customers’ process efficiency.

Oil & Mining

Kemira’s Oil & Mining segment provides a unique combination of innovative chemicals and application knowledge that improves process efficiency and yield in oil, gas and metals recovery. We use our in-depth understanding of extraction processes to tailor solutions for water management and re-use. Expanding from our position in North America and EMEA, we continue to build a strong base for growth in selected countries in South America, Middle East and Africa.

We target growth across all our main differentiated product lines: high oil price spurres demand for identifying new sources, and increased wet and dry shale fracking increases demand for our polymer products, especially in North America. At the same time, declining ore assays require improved processing and the increasing environmental demands are accelerating demand for wastewater treatment.

Municipal & Industrial

Municipal & Industrial aims to be a leading water chemicals supplier for raw and waste water applications as well as for sludge treatment in EMEA and North America, and is capturing selected growth opportunities in the emerging markets. We enable our municipal and industrial customers to improve their water treatment efficiency by supplying them with competitive, high-performing products and value adding application support.

Kemira is a technology and market leader in raw and waste water as well as sludge treatment. Water reuse remains the most efficient solution to meet the increasing water demand, which is an important driver of business. The other main driver for raw, wastewater and sludge treatment chemicals is legislation and regulatory enforcements that determine the quality standards for treated water and sludge.


Note: As announced on January 30, 2014, Kemira's South America region will be consolidated into the North America region. The combined region will be renamed 'The Americas'.

Information about Kemira's R&D activities can be found in Our focus areas: Sustainable products and solutions.


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